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Doulaz Foundation Goals

The Doulaz Foundation will be a non religious, non governmental organization based in USA(Maryland) we are working to help the little country in West Africa Benin . Our goal is to helping underprivileged children get the essential healthcare, and moral and financial support they need to achieve their dreams no matter what life has thrown at them.

The organization was born out of the founders conviction that no matter what their personal circumstance, or their background, our children are our future. And that means they should be given every opportunity to succeed and grow into healthy, well adjusted, well educated adults that will change the face of the world.

She aims to do this by:

  • Ensuring that all kids, from newborns to children who are 16 years of age receive their immunization shots and OBGYN exams when they need them.

  • Providing young women from the ages of 15 to 21 with medical and financial assistance, as well as the protection and moral support they need to care for their children

  • Help young children who show any kind of talent, whether it is for music, sports or education to succeed by nurturing their gift and providing them with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality

  • To provide children with the school supplies they need to get a proper education, and also provide them with stimulating and educational activities over the holidays

To date, the Doulaz Foundation is proud to have dedicated three years of their time, financial resources and personal efforts to the Tao Basketball Foundation who provide basketball coaching and arrange tournaments for children and young men  in Cotonou, Benin. To find out more, please visit (coming soon) and find out how your contributions can change a life.

Ms. Abdoul-Aziz is a hair expert and hair consultant with 20 years of experience in styling, braiding and caring for natural hair. She is extremely passionate about hair, but has always struggled to find products designed for her own hair type, or that don’t end up causing more harm than good when she uses them.

And that is why she decided to invest in a natural, organic brand of hair products formulated with safe, natural and plant based products from all around the world. This range of products and all Ms. Ms. Abdoul-Aziz’s research apply to every ethnicity and hair type, but are tailored for Africans, African Americans and  other mixed African ethnicities.

The Doulaz Foundation will be founded by Doulaz with the 5% of every sale going towards their various initiatives. However, there are always more underprivileged children needing care and support than there are available funds, so any donations you are willing to make would be happily welcomed and put to good use!